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Tune-Up Your Cooling Skills Clase En Español


Un Cooling bootcamp Que no Te puedes Perder!

Learn the necessary skills to inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot a cooling system this season. Increase your conversion/repairs with confidence and reduce callbacks!

This 1 day course was designed by an experienced technician with more than 16 years of experience in the field. This course will help you understand the basics of the refrigeration cycle and essential readings that are a must have for every technician.

Need help clearing these questions?

My subcool is right, but the system is not keeping up

Why did the capacitor go out 2 weeks after I checked it?

How do I deal with drain line condensation issues?

My subcool and superheat are very low, why?

Are maintenances really worth doing/selling?

What should I really be checking on a tune-up?

Understand your readings in order to know what readings to actually take and when.

Perfect the refrigeration cycle and when you should absorb and release heat. Fully understand what your gauges are telling you, this will reduce your troubleshooting time and improve your service quality.

Stop telling that your system has a low subcool and that the motor is over-amping. Learn to communicate in their own language. 

Go over an entire system, analyze what is happening  and what is causing it. Review refrigerant readings, common cooling deficiencies and what readings to take and when. This will help you reduce troubleshooting time.

Review multiple Tune-up forms, combine them with your current one or simply use ours. All free digital copies are FREE to be used.

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