Special Event – 4/22/2023

Extreme Diagnostics
spring Version


Repair or Replace, But Don't Work For Free!!!

Stop Loosing Money On Every Diagnostic!

Todays technicians need constant reliable training to succeed. 

This 1 day intense course is packed with 16 years of experience that will help a technician to successfully diagnose a cooling system every time.

Who needs this class?

Technicians that will be working with:

  • Cooling diagnostics and maintenances this spring.
  • Single and 2 stage systems
  • PSC, ECM and Serial motors.
  • Communicating systems
  • Setting up new system leads.

A powerful diagnostic procedure that will make a huge difference when diagnosing the refrigeration cycle. Understand if it is lack of refrigerant, compression, heat transfer, lack of air or something else.Implement this with our smart diagnostic chart and become the reliable and confident technician that customers want!

  • Solenoids
  • Rectifiers
  • Coils
  • Contactors
  • Capacitors 
  • Compressor and motor windings
  • Know the difference between a short and short to ground
  • Predict component failure and reactive failures
  • Txv’s
  • Restricted coils
  • Compressors not pumping correctly

If it makes sense to you it will to your customers.  If if has value to you, it will to your customers. Master the perfect cooling maintenance and start earning future customers.

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