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HVAC Electrical Survival Kit #1


Electrical Essentials
That Every Tech Must Know!

Learn the necessary skills to inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot an HVAC system from an electrical side. Increase your conversion/repairs with confidence and reduce callbacks! As HVAC techs, we must recognize that the electrical side is a weakness for most technicians, and a fair amount of those techs just learn enough to get by most of the time. Present solid and complete diagnostics that will convert in repairs! Cause and effect, understand what caused a part to fail, best practices and how to prevent them. Don’t be a tech that just puts on a patch, present actual solutions for your customers that are work paying for.

This one day course is designed to help you understand and set a solid electrical foundation. This will come in handy when wiring, diagnosing and troubleshooting a system primarily on the low voltage side. Our bonus Topics will help you test, prevent and identify motor failures. Was it due to static pressure? lack of air? How many motors do you repair and actually test more than just a motor? Deliver the value that your customers need! 
Have the ability to understand a schematic diagram, trace, isolate and test in minutes. Learn how to build a sequence to better your troubleshooting skills. Master this process and help train your team.

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Class Topics

Learn about voltage, resistance and current. The use of ohms law, formulas, circuits , transformers and VA. Electrical symbols, and wiring legend.

How relays, contactors, and switches work. Understand their application and capabilities. Know when and were to used them safely.

Learn the purpose of each wire and the most common terminals. Single stage, 2 stage and zoning wiring. Best practices and most common mistakes when wiring.

Learn how to read and interpret diagrams. Trace and isolate each section of a circuit. Go over high and low voltage circuits to understand their sequence and how they work.

Go over different types of shorts and best practices when troubleshooting. Learn to isolate wiring, thermostats, boards and other components to make troubleshooting easy and efficient.

Bonus Topics

Learn to trace and diagnose through wiring. Use ohms law and readings to troubleshoot.

Besides amps, use ohms to understand the condition of motors and compressors. Learn the difference of using a megohmmeter and its benefits.

Understand the difference between a PSC, X13, ECM and Serial motors and how to test them quickly and efficiently.

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$ 225
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Class Information

When: October 15th

Time: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Where: Holiday Inn Express Hurst – 820 Thousand Oaks Dr Hurst, TX 76054

Additional Info: 

A training book will be provided. 

Breakfast, snacks and drinks will also be available